Prospect Bacon

Prospect Bacon is a Full-Service Marketing Company for Home Service Professionals.

From Condensing Units to Solar Panels, We Have You Covered.

You might notice this isn't the fanciest website.

Actually... Wait for a second, where are all the buttons?

Our website is a landing page, we get all of our clients the same way that you will get yours.

You see, the purpose of a landing page is to grab someones attention and drive them towards taking a specific action.

There are no distracting places for your potential customers to get lost or sidetracked.

We drive customers via ads on social media or google to a landing page.

We create and design the landing page with your specific industry and company in mind.

Once a customer fills out their information that lead will go straight to you via text, email or an app you will have access to.

Once the lead comes in to you, you simply call book the appointment.

Our leads are 100% exclusive, we do not resell leads.

We setup a marketing system for your company that will blow away Home Advisor and Thumbtack and the customer never has any idea who we are.

That means, less shopping around.

They’re also not being coached to get 3-5 quotes from other contractors before you even have a chance to put your foot into their house.

Let’s end with a simple question.

What would ten hot smoking leads do for your business by the end of next week?

A little?

A lot?

Just fill out your information below and hit the button to schedule a call with one of our marketing pros.

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